Who’s Are We?

Nuevos Horizontes Agency is much more than a tourist services company. Above all, it is a young, innovative and committed team that dedicates all its strength and energy to designing and organizing trips to Cuba.

Our Team

Our team offers a refined and personalized service that meets the wishes and priorities of the guests for an unforgettable stay. The organization of the tours is based on our practice, our knowledge of the charming Cuban cities and the experience in specialized trips to organize surprising and authentic visits. Our work offers the clients the opportunity to discover in the best possible way a supreme destination with its culture and traditions.

Our Tours

The customized trips, the quality and diversity of the offers, the personalized welcome to our clients as soon as they arrive in the country, the personalized attention 24 hours during the course of their stay, the professionalism and the practical way of transmitting our Cuban feelings, are aspects that distinguish us and make us love our work.

Arlen‘s Cuba

When we are planning a trip, we could think of multiple destinations and Cuba is a place that is well worth to discover. This land is extremely peculiar, there is no place as warm and unique in the Caribbean, with so many natural cultural and historical treasures.

Cuba is a fusion of different roots that make your daily life something magical. As soon as you arrive on our island, you have the feeling that time has stopped. Its disorderly order causes a sensation of relax, similar to what its inhabitants seem to have. Far from felling overwhelmed, you will suddenly realize that this was missing in your life.

My country is full of light, colors and contrasts. Reflected in our rhythms, our dances, our “people” and our architecture. Music is everywhere, as if it were the Cubans eternal complement, who never miss the opportunity to sing and dance full of an essence that seems to run through our veins. When you walk through our streets you can easily notice the rich mixture of African, European, Asian and even our own continent roots.

If I had to choose my favorite place in Cuba, it would certainly be Trinidad, with its antique atmosphere, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and The Escambray Mountains. Its historic center and its typical colorful houses seem to have come out of a painting of the 18th century. Walking through its cobblestone streets listening to the local musicians, makes you feel part of the history of the place. There is nothing more exceptional than having a delicious coffee in its colonial courtyards, or exploring its beaches, where visitors and locals ensure that you can be delighted with the most stunning sunsets.

Traveling to Cuba is a memorable experience for life, where you can always expect the unexpected.